Neck and arm pain.

As well as neck stiffness, pain, and headaches; we also treat many people for radiating arm and shoulder pain that stems from the neck.

Typically, referred pain from the neck will radiate to the back of the shoulder, and down the outer part of the upper arm. More severe cases will be felt all the way down the arm to the hand. Sometimes the nerve irritation can also cause pins and needles or numbness in the hand.

When someone comes into see us, we’ll ask a few questions, and perform a few tests to determine the source of the pain.

Similar to what has been mentioned in previous posts, we start by improving mobility, flexibility, and finally strength.

During a flare up of shoulder and arm pain that stems from the neck – the following really simple exercise can often give enormous relief.

Just like in the accompanying photos, above – By placing your affected sides hand, palm flat against a wall, twist your body away until you feel a stretch down the arm. Gently tilt your head away to increase this stretch, and return to the head facing forward starting position. Bounce your head to and from these positions 10 times to help free up and soothe the irritated nerves causing the problem. The trick is to do it gently (don’t increase pain through the movement), and gently. Repeat it every hour for gradual relief through the day.

Any problems or concerns – like always, send us a message, email, call, or simply book in and let us check it out.