Massage Therapy at PhysioCentral Miranda

Massage Therapy

Welcome to our Massage Therapy Centre at PhysioCentral, where our skilled therapists, Annalise, Michelle, and Loa, offer a range of specialised treatments tailored to meet your unique needs. Discover the healing power of our massage therapies designed to alleviate pain, enhance performance, and promote overall health and well-being in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Meet our therapists

  • Annalise: The allrounder. Adept in a variety of techniques – relaxation, remedial and deep tissue massage therapy, providing therapeutic and relaxing treatments tailored to each client’s needs.
  • Michelle: Experienced in remedial massage, and an expert in Manual Lymphatic Drainage. She’ll leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
  • Loa: The NRL’s leading masseuse, Loa, is highly sought after for deep tissue and sports massage. She also enjoys delivering remedial and therapeutic massage, as well as children’s and pregnancy massage. She’s skilled in utilising other treatment methods like cupping and dry needling.

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Check out the type of treatments we offer

Remedial Massage

Our Remedial Massage is specifically designed to address particular injuries or ailments, rather than providing a general, all-over relaxation. If you’re experiencing lower back pain that hinders your daily activities, such as bending down or lifting objects, or if you have muscle tightness in a specific area, our remedial massage will focus on those trouble spots. This treatment typically involves deep-tissue techniques, but our therapists can adjust the pressure to ensure your comfort and effectiveness. Let us help you regain mobility and relieve pain with a personalised remedial massage.

Remedial massage is tailored to a specific injury or ailment rather than being a general ‘all-over’ massage.

Providers: All therapists.

Sports Massage

Our Sports Massage is perfect for athletes and active individuals who engage in regular sports or training. This massage can be tailored to your specific needs, whether you want to prepare your body before an event to enhance performance or recover after an intensive training period, or event to reduce muscle soreness and aid in recovery.

It is also highly beneficial during the strengthening phase of injury or post-surgical rehabilitation. Our muscles tend to overtighten during rehab. A well-timed sports massage at PhysioCentral will keep this in check to ensure an accelerated recovery.

We understand that every patient’s or athlete’s schedule and requirements are different, so our therapists will adjust the treatment and pressure based on your rehab or training regimen and the activity you’re involved in.

Experience the benefits of a customised sports massage that supports your recovery and active lifestyle.

Providers: All therapists.

Relaxation Massage

Our Relaxation Massage is designed to provide a tranquil and soothing experience, perfect for reducing stress and promoting overall relaxation. Unlike remedial or sports massages, this treatment focuses on gentle techniques that calm the nervous system and enhance your sense of well-being. Whether you need a break from your hectic lifestyle or want to indulge in self-care, our relaxation massage will help you unwind and rejuvenate. Our therapists use smooth, flowing strokes and light to medium pressure to ease your mind and body into a state of deep relaxation.

One key benefit of receiving a massage at an Allied Healthcare Centre like PhysioCentral is the comprehensive and holistic approach we take. Our highly skilled therapists are trained to identify and address specific areas of tension or discomfort that may require a more targeted, remedial approach. During your relaxation massage, if our therapists detect any areas that need additional attention, they seamlessly integrate gentle remedial techniques to ensure you receive the most effective treatment possible. This combination of relaxation and targeted care enhances the immediate benefits of the stress-relieving massage.

Providers: Annalise and Michelle.

Pregnancy Massage

Our Pregnancy Massage is designed to alleviate the discomforts and pains associated with pregnancy. As your body changes, you may experience increased tension and stress, particularly in your lower back and sacrum, due to the additional weight, changing posture, and weakening of the supportive abdominal muscles. Our pregnancy massage relieves these discomforts, providing a soothing and safe treatment that helps you relax and prepares your body for childbirth. Our trained therapists use gentle techniques to ensure the utmost care and comfort for expectant mothers at all stages of pregnancy.

Extremely popular and provides immediate relief!

Providers: All therapists.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) using the Vodder Method is a gentle and highly specialised form of massage designed to stimulate the body’s lymphatic system. This technique helps to reduce swelling, detoxify the body, and promote a healthy immune system. MLD is particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing lymphedema, post-surgical swelling, or those looking to enhance their overall wellness.

Our trained therapist, Michelle, uses precise, rhythmic movements to encourage the flow of lymph fluid, which can reduce the buildup of toxins and excess fluids. The Vodder Method is renowned for its effectiveness and gentle nature, making it suitable for many clients, including those with sensitive or compromised systems.

Experience the rejuvenating and cleansing benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage and support your body’s natural healing processes.

Providers: Michelle.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy is an ancient practice that involves placing suction cups on the skin to release muscle tightness and promote blood flow. This technique can effectively relieve chronic pain and deep muscle tension. While some people are concerned about the potential for bruising, it is a normal and harmless part of the process that indicates the therapy is working. The bruises show the tightest areas and reflect the body’s natural inflammatory-driven healing response. Experience the therapeutic benefits of cupping and discover a new level of muscle relief.

Providers: Loa.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a specialised technique that involves inserting fine acupuncture needles into the skin and muscles to release trigger points and deep muscular knots. Unlike acupuncture, which focuses on energy pathways, dry needling directly targets the muscular system to reduce spasm, relieve pain and improve function. This method is particularly effective for chronic pain and hypersensitive muscle tightness that’s difficult to treat with massage alone.

Dry needling is an extremely precise, and effective treatment. A real game changer in the treatment of chronic pain, and accelerating injury recovery.

Providers: Loa.