Vanessa Tudjman

Practice Manager

Vanessa’s the one who’ll greet you with a friendly smile when you first come through the door at PhysioCentral.

Vanessa joined the PhysioCentral team in 2018, with an extensive background of working in retail and hospitality. She spends her down time lifting weights at the gym and her weekends playing netball.

She loves a chat, and will help you with anything you need, from private health funds, insurance claims, to showing you how to use our very handy online booking system.

She will help find you the right therapist to suit your needs, and help squeeze you in wherever she can around your busy schedule.

For those of you suffering from elevator issues, just give Vanessa a call or press the intercom button, (located in the foyer just to the right of the elevator), and she’ll come down and ride up with you. Or if you prefer, and are able, she’ll escort you up to our office via the stairs.

If you ever have a question, a problem, or just need help with something- just ask Vanessa – she’ll sort it out!