Dry Needling and Cupping

Dry Needling

With dry needling, we administer a few fine needles into the skin and muscle to help release trigger points and those deep, tricky knots that massage alone can’t quite release.
Dry needling is a little different to acupuncture, as it focuses directly on the muscular system rather than an energy system.

If you’re interested in trying dry needling it can be incorporated into either your Physio treatment or your Massage treatment at no extra cost – Just ask for Jack or Loa, who are both very knowledgeable and experienced in needling and will answer any questions you may have.


Suction cups are applied to the skin for several minutes to help release tightness as it draws blood flow to the surface.
A lot of people are hesitant to try cupping as they are concerned about bruising. You won’t necessarily bruise, but if you do it’s completely normal. The bruises will highlight which areas are the tightest and are an indicator that the body’s natural healing process of drawing blood to the surface is working.

Ask Loa if you would like to incorporate cupping into your massage.