If you have just had a confirmed fracture by your doctor or X-rays instead of waiting hours at the emergency department you can book in with one of our physiotherapists to be casted. 


We provide casts for wrist fractures in the form of EXOS (as pictured) or fibreglass casts. 

A lot of our patients opt for the EXOS brace due to comfort, style and the adjustability of the brace as swelling decreases. 


On average you will wear the EXOS or cast for approximately 4-6weeks depending on the type of fracture. Our physiotherapists will provide you with all the information you need in regards to washing, drying and looking after your EXOS when you come in for an appointment. 


We will also book you in for a review and removal of the EXOS /cast to make sure everything has healed and you are able to regain full mobility and strength after your fracture.


We also offer fibreglass casting and cast removals which are super quick and pain-free!