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Diagnosed and/or treated at PhysioCentral recently

Oct, Nov, Dec 2019

Abdominal (diastasis recti) muscle separation following childbirth x 2
Achilles tear x 1
Achilles Tendinopathy x 7
ACL reconstruction rehabilitation x 3
AcromioClavicular joint injury - torn ligament at the top of the shoulder x 1
Adductor Muscle Strain (Groin) x 1
Adverse Neural Tension causing pain and tingling down the arm - due to nerve entrapment (pinched) and neural immobility x 12
Ankle Bone Bruising x1
Ankle pain due to peroneal muscle spasm x 2
Ankle sprain - Grade II ligament tear x 2
Ankle sprain (high) Syndesmosis x 2
Balance disorder x 6
BPPV Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo - inner ear balance issue - Treated with Epley manoeuvre x 18
Brachial Plexus (bundle of nerves under the collarbone) entrapment x 1
Brachial Plexus overstretch (Stinger / Burner) x 2
Calcaneal spur and plantar fasciitis x 2
Calf contusion (cork) x 1
Calf muscle tear x 3
Cervicogenic dizziness x 3
Cervicogenic headache - headache stemming from the neck x 44
Cervicogenic migraine trigger x 5
Chest Physio for Pneumonia Resolution x 2
Chondral defect of the Talar dome (Cartilage damage to the ankle joint) x 2
Chronic ankle pain due to ligament instability x 1
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome x 2
Drop foot and associated calf muscle spasm - due to previous injury causing permanent nerve damage in the lower back x 1
Elbow bursitis x 1
Elbow dislocation x 1
Elbow extensor tendinopathy - commonly called Tennis Elbow x 10
Facet joint impingement in the neck - causing headache and shoulder pain x 6
Fat pad inflammation of the knee x 1
Fractured arm x 2 (put into waterproof 'EXOS' cast)
Fractured Proximal Fibula (just below the outside part of the knee joint) x 1
Hamstring strain x 2
Hamstring tear x 2
High hamstring tendinopathy x 2
Hip Flexor Strain x 3
Hip joint subluxation (joint goes out and back in on its own) x 1
Idiopathic Juvenile Arthritis x 1
ITB friction syndrome (Runners Knee) x 2
Lateral Hip pain - Gluteal tendinopathy and associated bursitis x 4
Lisfranc Injury to the foot (rare) x 1
Lower Back Disc injury x 4
Lower Back muscular strain x 34
Lower Back Pain (Chronic/Persistent) x 14
Lower back pain and sciatica - sedentary lifestyle leading to severe stiffening of the spine, and very poor strength of the supportive muscles of the spine x 13
Lower back pain and sciatica - disc bulge + weak core x 11
Lower Back pain and Sciatica - Disc herniation x 6
Lower back pain due to extremely weak core strength x 15
Lower back pain due to facet joint arthropathy causing severe protective muscle spasm x 5
Lower Back Pain, Sciatica, and leg weakness due to Spinal Canal Stenosis x 2
Lumbar disc injury and neural hypersensitivity leading to intermittent sciatic pain to the hamstrings and/or calf x 3
Lumbar Discectomy (disc removal) post-op rehab x 1
Medial Ligament tear of the knee - Grade II x 3
Medial meniscus (Cartilage) tear of the knee x 9
Muscle Contracture (bedbound)- Home visit x 1
Neck pain - disc bulge x 2
Neck Pain (strain) x 12
Neck pain due to nerve root entrapment x 2
OA of the hip - leading to severe protective muscular spasm around the hip and groin x 2
OA of the hip x 4
OA of the Knee x 9
Osgood Schlatter’s Disease (Adolescent Knee Pain - Growth related) x 1
Patella Tendinopathy x 1
Patellofemoral pain - pain under the kneecap x 16
Pec (chest muscle) strain x 1
Peripheral Neuropathy (nerve damage to the lower leg) x 2
Pes Anserine Bursitis of the Knee x 1
Piriformis Syndrome (pain in the butt cheek) x 6
Plantar Fasciitis of the foot x 5
Polymyalgia Rheumatica x 1
Protracted shoulders (rounded) due to weakness of muscles between the shoulder blades x 4
Pubic Symphysis (Pelvis) pain following childbirth x 2
Quadriceps Muscle Contusion (Corked thigh) x 1
Quadriceps muscle strain from running x 1
Quadriceps muscle tear x1
Radial nerve entrapment/tightening/irritation (mimics the symptoms of tennis elbow) x 4
Rectus Femoris (Quad muscle) avulsion fracture x 1
Rotator Cuff Post-op rehab for shoulder reconstruction x 8
Rotator cuff tear of the shoulder x 17
Rotator cuff tendinopathy x 16
Rotator Cuff Tendon rupture of the shoulder x 1
Sciatica - pain referred from the lower back to the knee and/or the foot x 18
Sever's Disease (Adolescent Achilles attachment pain - growth-related) x 3
Shoulder Bursitis x 8
Shoulder Capsulitis - commonly known as Frozen Shoulder - severe joint inflammation x 4
Shoulder Impingement x 6
Shoulder instability x 6
Shoulder post-op for instability Laterjet procedure rehab x 4
Shoulder subluxation (pops out and immediately back in) - collision injury x 1
Stress fracture of the foot x 2 (put in a walking boot for 3-6 weeks)
Stroke affecting the Cerebellum x 1
Symptoms associated with Parkinson’s Disease - Thoracic spine stiffness, pain, and lower back spasm x 1
Tailors bunion (next to little toe) x 1
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome - referring pain to the shoulder and down the arm with intermittent pins and needles x 3
Thoracic spine joint restriction (causing nerve irritation and pain between the scapula, or shoulder blades) x 24. 1 involving the rib attachment
Tibiofemoral Osteotomy (removal of bone just below the knee) post-op rehab x 1
TMJ (Jaw) pain x 3
Total Knee Replacement Rehabilitation x 2
Triceps muscle tear x 1
Visual Hypersensitivity related to Vertigo x 5
Whiplash - neck - ligament/facet joint/muscular strain x 1
Wrist Sprain x 2
Wry neck x 3


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