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Diagnosed and treated in the clinic recently

May 2019

Achilles Tendinopathy x 5
ACL reconstruction rehabilitation x 3
AcromioClavicular joint injury - torn ligament at the top of the shoulder x 2
Adverse Neural Tension causing pain and tingling down the arm x 2 - due to nerve entrapment (pinched) and neural immobility
Adverse Neural Tension causing tingling down the arm without pain - due to nerve entrapment (pinched) and neural immobility
Ankle pain due to peroneal muscle spasm
Ankle sprain - Grade II ligament tear x 8
Ankle sprain - Grade II with associated deep bone bruising x 3
Avulsion fracture of the ankle due to a severe ankle sprain - placed in a walking boot for a few weeks
Balance disorder
Balance disorder due to previous aneurysm
BPPV Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo - inner ear balance issue - Treated with Epley maneuver x 3.
Calcaneal spur and plantar fasciitis x 3
Cervicogenic headache - headache stemming from the neck x 25
Cervicogenic migraine trigger x 3
Chondral defect of the Talar dome (Cartilage damage to the ankle joint)
Chondral lesion of the talar dome - cartilage damage in the ankle joint x 3
Chronic swelling of the ankle due to calf muscle strain and persistent muscular spasm
Coccyx pain
Compression fracture of the thoracic spine - skydiving accident
Consolidation of the left lower lobe of the lung due to previous pneumonia
Carpal tunnel syndrome - nerve compression and swelling in the wrist
Disc injury lower back x 2
Dislocated kneecap x 2
Drop foot and associated calf muscle spasm - due to previous injury causing permanent nerve damage in the lower back
Elbow extensor tendinopathy - commonly called Tennis Elbow x 3
Facet joint impingement in the neck - causing headache and shoulder pain x 4
Fractured 5th Metatarsal bone of the foot - rehabilitation following bone graft and pin insertion
Fractured 5th Metatarsal bone of the foot - walking boot for 6 weeks
Fractured scaphoid - wrist - put in an EXOS waterproof cast for 6 weeks
Functional Neurological Disorder
Hamstring tear x 3
Hip Flexor Strain x 3
Lateral Hip pain - Gluteal tendinopathy and associated bursitis x 10
Lower Back muscular strain x 35
Lower back pain and sciatica - disc bulge + weak core
Lower back pain and sciatica - extremely sedentary lifestyle leading to severe stiffening of the spine, and very poor strength of the supportive muscles of the spine x 2
Lower back pain and spasm triggered by underlying psoriatic arthritis
Lower back pain due to extremely weak core strength x 14
Lower back pain due to facet joint arthropathy causing severe protective muscle spasm x 3
Lumbar disc injury and neural hypersensitivity leading to intermittent sciatic pain to the hamstrings
Medial Ligament strain of the Knee
Medial Ligament tear of the knee - Grade II x 3
Navicular (bone in the bridge of the foot) stress fracture - running overload
OA of the Ankle
OA of the hip - leading to severe protective muscular spasm around the hip and groin
OA of the hip
Obturator nerve entrapment - often leads to sharp/burning pain in the groin, aching in the gluteal region, and intermittent pain down the inside of the upper thigh to the knee
Olecranon bursitis (at the elbow) due to Tricep muscle insertion tendinopathy
Patellofemoral pain - pain under the kneecap x 10
Plantar Fasciitis x 4
Plantar Plate tear - torn ligament under the ball of the foot - placed in a walking boot
Quadriceps muscle strain from running
Quadriceps muscle tear following a fall
Radial nerve tightening and irritation (mimics the symptoms of tennis elbow) x 2
Rib cartilage tear
Rotator cuff tear of the shoulder x 11
Rotator cuff tendinopathy x 13
Rotator Cuff Tendon rupture of the shoulder
Running technique adjustment x 3
Sciatica - pain referred from the lower back to the knee and/or the foot x 12
Shoulder Capsulitis - commonly known as Frozen Shoulder - severe joint inflammation triggered by repeat rotator cuff tears x 2
Shoulder subluxation (pops out and immediately back in) - rugby league collision injury
Symptoms associated with Parkinsons Disease - Thoracic spine stiffness and pain
Symptoms associated with Parkinsons Disease - Thoracic spine stiffness and pain, and lower back spasm
Symptoms related to MS - multiple sclerosis
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome - referring pain to the shoulder and down the arm with intermittent pins and needles
Thoracic spine joint restriction (causing nerve irritation and pain between the scapula, or shoulder blades) x 8
Tibialis Posterior Tendinopathy - ankle/foot pain
Total Knee Replacement Rehabilitation x 2
Wry neck - severe muscular spasm in the neck x 2
Whiplash - neck - ligament/facet joint/muscular strain x 2


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