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Coronavirus Update! 

We understand that there is a lot of uncertainty and distress during this time, but we want to assure you that your health is still our priority.

Our doors are open, and we're working our absolute hardest to stay on top of our already exceptional hygiene standards within the practice. This includes:

  • Sanitising ALL surfaces, face rests, chairs and arm rests, beds, touchscreens, door handles etc
  • Using clean bedsheets and pillowcases and disposable paper sheets
  • Chair placement adhering to social distancing requirements within our waiting room

We do ask that if you've travelled overseas in the last 2 weeks or have symptoms of a fever, coughing or any respiratory issues, that you let us know so we can reschedule your treatment, otherwise... at this stage, business as usual!

As always, if you have any questions at all, just give us a buzz and we'll do everything we can to assist!



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