A Podiatrist specialises in any issues of the lower limb. This includes:

  • Thorough assessments to test your joint health, muscle strength, functional movement, joint or muscle pain, concerns with posture of flat feet, and walking/running styles, with strength and conditioning programs – including professional footwear advice.
  • Trish also treats patients with problematic nails (long, ingrown, fungal, thick, painful) and skin (dry, cracked, callus, corns, tinea, plantar warts), providing long term solutions for resolving these issues (MediPedis included!!!)
  • Diabetic foot care is extremely important. It is recommended to have a Diabetic Foot Assessment at least every 12 months, where we assess your nerve and blood supply and determine if there are any risks of developing diabetic complications.
  • Kids sometimes need a little help to make sure they are growing as big and strong as they can. An assessment can help address and treat any pain or issues they are experiencing, or pinpoint potential concerns before they manifest into concerns later in life.

These are all things that Trish will be able to help you with!

Email her at any time at patricia@physiocentral.net.au, or, book below!!