Is Your Posture Affecting Your Health?

Your posture says a lot about your health.

Your neck pain, headaches, back twinges and even your persistent tiredness could all be pointing to one thing: Poor posture.

What is good posture? Basically, it is just keeping your spine happy, keeping it in balance no matter what you are doing and putting as little stress on it as possible during your daily activities.

We have a number of curves built into our spines (it looks like an S-shape when viewed from the side).

This helps us stand upright with our weight balanced over our feet. Take a conscious look around you on the train and in the street and see how little we think of our backs. Heads drooped forward, rounded shoulders, bent knee walk – signs of the strain caused by long hours of sitting. The heavy handbags, laptop bags and the high heels!

Yet many of us keep making the same postural mistakes over and over. To name a few:

  •  We let our backs go out of line by sitting in one position too long;
  • We don’t notice how our heads are sagging forward as we stare at computer screens for hours on end;
  •  We lean all of our body weight onto one leg when we’re standing;
  •  We walk as little as we can and generally put continuous stress on our spines, hips and knees;
  • We slouch, pressing together the small bones in our backs;
  •  We relax too much, giving in to stresses on the body then sway forward. We let our shoulders get rounded, squashing our lungs and so we’re breathing in less oxygen.

The hunched spines also mean all kinds of muscles have to be pressed into action to keep us balanced.

Needless to say, we get tired and achy by the time we get home. We flop into a big squashy chair, placing even more pressure on our tailbones. In bed watching Netflix, we pile up the pillows, kinking our neck muscles. Naturally, we wake up with stiff necks and shoulders; not to mention the twisted backs from sleeping on soft mattresses on our sides or stomachs. Little wonder we are such an unenergetic lot!

Can you relate? Give us a call – we are committed to helping you!
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