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Attention all New or Recent Graduates in Physiotherapy

Physio Jobs available

We're looking for another Physio to join our team!

Fresh out of Uni? Or just finished your first year of Allocation? Well, you're in luck, because we are offering you a wonderful opportunity!

We're looking for a new or recent grad, who:

- is keen to work in a friendly relaxed environment.

- wants full or part time work - it's your choice!

- wants to spend one on one time with patients, to get to know them as well as their problem.

- wants paid admin breaks to catch up on the mountains of paperwork that is engulfing our profession.

- is keen to keep learning with paid for CPD and an in house mentoring and learning program, based around your interests.

- has good people skills and this one's really important - a sense of humour! 

- wants to be encouraged and supported to pursue their own special interests within Physiotherapy.

- wants to take on an active profit sharing role in expanding the business.

- wants to have a compulsory paid day off on your Birthday.

Sound good?

Send us a cover letter, and CV to, and we'll be in touch.

Not sure?

Please call us on 95427276, or email with any questions.

Still not sure?

Here are the top 3 reasons that prevent people from embarking on a career as a Physio in Private Practice:

1. It's too scary 

2. I don't know enough

3. I'll be under too much pressure, and it all sounds a bit stressful

The truth:

One of the reasons you got into Physio in the first place is because you enjoy helping people.

And that, in a nutshell, is pretty much all we do here at PhysioCentral. We help people.

1. Working here isn't scary - it's fun, and extremely satisfying.

2. You've just completed a pretty full-on course - you know more than you realise - that'll become self-evident when you start putting your knowledge to practical use, in a wonderful, friendly, supportive environment.

3. Too much pressure is a common complaint of people that have been burnt out through long hours with nothing but a half hour lunch break in Private Practice Physio.

We won't tolerate that here.

Take a look at the pics of the people that work here - do they look stressed?

The only pressure you'll be under is to adhere to a 1-hour lunch break, as well as two 30 minutes breaks through the day. 2 hours per day will also be spent involved in our mentoring program - tailored around your interests.


So now that you've been convinced, send us that cover letter, and CV to , and we'll be in touch. You won't regret it!





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